Let the fun (adventure) begin

Many folks have asked us to keep them apprised of our trip, how it is going, where we are at, what we have learned along the way.  So we have created a blog.  We would love to hear from any and all as we begin our little adventure.

We have been busy (well sort of) getting the last details in place for our trip.   The one thing we can’t control is the weather and snow is predicted the next two or three days (along with single digit temps).  Our plan is to leave no later than Saturday….keeping our fingers crossed.

As we travel, we hope to update our experiences and share what we have learned and encountered along the way, including how our two cats, Max and Kurt love the whole gypsy life style.  Also,  we plan to add photos and graphics as we become familiar with the whole blogging process.  What we can offer today is our”theme song”, “My House” performed and written by Kacey Musgraves’  at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxQTsp9if1M

Happy Trails,

Tom and Jenny


3 thoughts on “Let the fun (adventure) begin

  1. Good luck Tom and Jenny……May a can opener to your “tin can” bring you many great adventures😛 have fun and travel safe. Jackie

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