Brrrr! “Baby it’s cold outside”!

I have been thinking of all you who are “toughing it out” in the sub-zero freezer called Wisconsin and Minnesota….especially my folks who endure it because that is “what you do”.  I hope all escaped frozen pipes, dead batteries and are safe.  Please keep in your prayers those that live on the streets.

We have been learning, mostly by making mistakes about the differences of living in a small, movable space verses our home. One challenge is finding a home for clothes, food and stuff so that it looks like we have some clue on “house keeping” on the road while balancing that with easy access and finding what we are looking for.  If I had a nickel for each time Jenny’s has said “I can’t stand this mess”, I would have a couple of bucks to blow on “wine, Jenny and song”.  Today we bought some clothes hooks so we can hang up our coats and pants.  Amazing, most trailers have no or very few hooks installed.

Speaking of Jenny, she has had a cold/sore throat from almost the moment we left home.  I am not used to her having such low energy.  Hopefully she wakes up tomorrow with boundless energy.

We did get a copy of the activities schedule yesterday and there is a music jam and dulcimer group for me and a “folks on spokes” group for Jenny.  It will be good to meet some new travelers and get involved in the things we love.

One of the reasons to write this blog is to give some insight to a few people who are thinking of “hitting the road” in the near future.  If you have a question or observation, please feel free to share it and I will offer my “opinion”. We are still going to pursue workamping and in fact talked with a couple that works at the front desk at the campground reservation area and learned that for 16 hours of work each/week they get a free site. So for 32 hours of work they earn $500 which we didn’t think was too bad for being so convenient and actually might be kind of fun.

Be safe, stay warm,



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