“Thinking Too Much”

You know how it is when you think about doing something so much that you actually think you did it? That happened to me with my first couple of posts. My good friend jon asked “where are you” besides 550 miles south?”  So in addition to learning the how to live in a tin can, on the road, in close quarters with the ones I love, I also have to be a better blogger or whatever I am pretending to be!

Jenny and I are at Gulf State Park near Gulf Shores, Alabama, about 1250 miles from home. Our camp site is about 200 yards from the intercoastal waters of the Gulf. The park is actually busiest in the summer, but definitely is geared to “snowbirds” also. It’s actually more user friendly to RV’s than tenters, has 500 sites, all have asphalt pads, are flat and level with sewer, water and electric hookups. We are not roughing it! It’s nice to have the state park land around us though instead of where some RV parks are right in the middle of the city with little space between the individual trailers. Not that there are a lot of trees around here, but we do have some greenery for the birds so our cats have something to watch outside the trailer windows. I am happy to report that our 2 cats are adjusting very well to living in the trailer. We were worried that they wouldn’t get enough exercise, but they continue to explore new spots to hide, lay in the sun or people watch out the window. It all tends to keep them up and moving. 


Today with warmer temps we went on a longer walk and this sign made us both smile. I’m guessing the kids in the summer probably aggravate them more than us old folks at this time of year. 


After lunch I went to a gathering of dulcimer players to listen, enjoyable to be around music. Friday night is an open jam and I will give that a try. I also had my first “it’s a small world” experience. I was introduced to a camper by one of the dulcimer players and as custom, went through the “where are you from” opener. Fred is from Iowa, but knew where my hometown of La Crescent was. It turns out his sister is married to someone I graduated from high school with. Small world.

We hope all our friends up north are surviving the cold temps and are glad to hear that warmer temps are moving your way. I personally am enjoying the look outside our trailer from AL compared to the look around the trailer in WI below. 



6 thoughts on ““Thinking Too Much”

  1. Nice to hear that there are nice options for each of you relative to music and activities. Have to admit, the warmer temps sound kind of nice too. enjoy.

  2. Well as I watch the snow and wind here, I think about your nice long walk in warmer weather. glad the kitties are adjusting. Maybe put them on a leash for a walk…

  3. Still looking for your cars everytime we come home! You sure would not miss the mess o’ snow we have here, neighbors! Hug the kitties for me!

  4. Hello from the North Pole….you’re headed in the right direction! It’s fun to read about your adventures. Jen, get better, sounds like Tom is missing all that high energy. Looks like you’re in a beautiful spot…lucky dogs (and cats).

    I gotta go out to shovel the snow and put on all those layers of clothing. big hug. mar

  5. Nice to read your thoughts and see your pictures on your blog! You definitely picked a great winter to leave Wisconsin. I think you may have had some colder winter for the south. You both had the task of showing the Southerners how to handle it. TEE HEE! Glad you are home safe and sound. Fran

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