Settling In

We have been in Gulf Shores at Gulf State Park about 11 days now, first getting to know our travel trailer and then getting to know the other people in the park and getting involved with the activities.

 We bought our trailer in late summer but our search for a tow vehicle took longer than expected, we never got out for a “shake out” camping trip before leaving for this trip. Thus this is our shake out trip and we’ve had one teaching moment after another. Everything from hooking up, pulling, parking and traveling with our 2 cats, to learning that you can’t get much food in a 6 cubic foot refrigerator. During this break in period, I ended up wiring in a new side light on the trailer, a ten minutes job if Murphy isn’t involved.  In short, it took a couple of days and trips for parts due to what I would call a grounding issue…trial and error can be SO time consuming.  We also had temps overnight of 16 degree, cold enough to freeze pipes, so I blew out the water lines (I did bring a small compressor with me).  Also drained and sanitized the water system.  In doing so, I found an important drain plug that was hidden well from sight, but very important to find for working on the water system.  Also, we had a number of electrical outlets that were dead until we found the “well hidden” but in “plain sight” breaker panel. 

There are lots of snowbirds from the Midwest (WI, MN, MI and IL) at the park. Yesterday we played sand volleyball for two hours which felt good to get some lazy muscles moving. Last night we played bingo for the first time…not sure if Jenny will go back for the second time…too much sitting! Today we tried playing wallyball (volleyball on a racquetball court) at the local rec center.  This facility is very nice for a city the size of Gulf Shores and consists of a pool, racquetball courts, weight room, fitness room, tennis courts and an indoor track, all available for $3 per day.  We also joined the library and have checked out our first items.

As we get to know people, they remind me so much of the people we met when visiting Jenny’s parents in Florida during their snowbird days.  Hard to define, but I would use “active” and “social” as two adjectives.

Originally we had planned to move at least two or three times as we discover what being a “snowbird” means to us.  That plan has been amended a bit as now we are planning on staying here until mid February for sure, and if a site is available, through the end of February.

2 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. I finally got to the YMCA the last couple of days (been on the road myself lately, only for work, not wallyball and bingo 🙂 and seemed sort of quiet without you and Jenny around! I enjoy your blog. Stay warm! We won’t–going subzero again this week, and today was another spat of shoveling. Ah well, we did see some sun.

  2. Forgot about the blog until today when tried to find another saved site, love it. Tom you make me smile, I visualize you sitting next to me telling me a story. I bet it will be much easier not moving, esp for 1st time out and less traumatizing for Curt and Max. Enjoy the adventure!

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