Community can be found everywhere

We start the second month at Golf State Park. It surprised both of us that we plan to stay in the same place for the entire 2 months as we originally thought we would be moving every 2 to 3 weeks this first year to check out different parks and see other places.

Instead when we got here we liked both the park, the other “snowbirds”, the paved bike trails leaving right from the park to ride to the Gulf or into town.  Also the park offers big sites with lots of greenery between each site compared to a lot of RV parks that are mostly blacktop. The town of Gulf Shores has been very welcoming to the snowbird ‘s as their presence allows them to stay open during the tourist off season. The other campers have been welcoming, have invited us to do things with them and are willing to share their knowledge about RVing. We might have found this same type of community at other campgrounds but since we found it here first, this is where we decided to stay.

Now that it’s starting to warm up we are finally starting to see animals. Of course birds have been plentiful but Jenny saw an armadillo and red headed woodpecker on a bike ride and we both saw a bobcat just strolling through the campground near our site yesterday. We are still waiting to see our first alligator sighting. Our cats are kept quite busy watching everything and probably don’t sleep a whole lot unless we are around because of all the different noises and people walking by but they have adjusted well to life in the trailer.


So even though we miss our friends and family back in Wisconsin, it’s nice to have new relationships developing in Alabama . We are thinking of you all.

2 thoughts on “Community can be found everywhere

  1. You sound like you are really enjoying it and did pick a good winter to travel as we have such cold and snowy weather here. Miss you though.
    Teresa and Dick

  2. So nice to hear an update from you guys! I miss you and I’m very pleasantly surprised to hear that Max and Kurt are adjusting well 🙂 Prayers for you from Peru !!

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