Random Thoughts

We have about a week before we hitch up trailer and begin migrating north.  As I take a few moments to reflect, a variety of thoughts come to mind. 


First is how “time” has changed. For the first seven to ten days, it seemed like we had time which begged for a response to “what should we do now”. Four or five weeks later, it seems we have very little extra time. Some is because we have met a lot of nice folks and whenever we are out walking conversations arise or we are invited to do something. Or we are playing volleyball or wallyball with an occasional bike ride thrown in (Jenny does more riding than I do) or I have the opportunity to play music with others and or on my own. But mostly I think our interaction with time has changed and we are more relaxed towards it and don’t feel like we have to fill every moment like we did when we were working. We have often heard retirees say they are busier now than when they were working and I understand now what they mean, time is different now. 


We are getting to know the towns surrounding our park and what each have to offer. While it is an adventure to seek out where to get a haircut or oil change or find a hardware store or an infusion of dairy fat from an ice cream cone, it is also a bit “settling” to know where to go without thinking about it (like at home). We also are getting to know our trailer. When your living room is your kitchen and your kitchen is your dining room, simplicity is a must and you realize how little “stuff” you need. There is a need for tolerance of your spouse and kitties (and them of you). Having a private spot all your own is not an option. Striving for a “go with the flow” attitude is helpful.

 ImageLessons Learned

Some of our lessons learned won’t be realized until we are back in our routines at home and have some time to reflect on our life in the trailer. But I think there are a couple “for sure ones” to share. Being “newbies” at RVing, we have had “how to” and “what is best” and “where have you stayed” questions. Every time we have posed a question, anyone within hearing distance is willing to offer help or insight. That is community! Another observation is how people approach life. It is amazing to see folks who I would guess are in their mid-60’s and find out they are in their upper 70’s or older. Either they were blessed with good health and a positive attitude or they are healthy because of their positive outlook and ongoing physical and mental activities. I think it is more the latter than the first after meeting them. Jenny and I hope we can model them as we age.

 So as our time here draws to a close, we reflect on how well this first year of venturing out into the unknown of leaving year-round jobs for a couple of months down south has gone. Now we have to see how the rest of the year in Wisconsin goes with finding seasonal work for Jenny and being reconnected with my interior painting business. For sure more changes, reflections and lessons learned are coming.


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, your adventures, your learning curves. It sounds like a grand time. I miss you guys. Glad to hear everything is well.

    • thanks Shirley, We miss all our friends and family, Monday prayer at POG and just being home…DON”T miss snow and cold! We plan to be back before Mrach 12 or so. peace, Tom

  2. Well neighbors…the ice is so thick in the back alley its like driving over endless speed bumps! Just to forewarn you…hopefully it’ll melt into a river soon. haha

    • hi Kaye, We would consider staying here a bit longer, but I do have a couple of gigs come the end of March, plus we do miss folks like yourself…Keeping our fingers cross that the temps start to get above normal for a change. Tom

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