“On the Road Again”

Jenny and I, along with our trusty four-legged pals, Kurt and Max have been away from the blog-a-sphere (is this a word?) since getting home from our January/February adventure to Gulf Shores Alabama. We are preparing for our second year of escaping the winter (or taking the easier way out as many of our friends are thinking under their breath) in exchange for milder temps. Last year’s travels were filled with a list of seeminglesss “firsts” from pulling a travel trailer 1250 miles to figuring out what is needed to travel compared to what is nice to have all fit in a space that is at best 8 foot wide and 29 foot long, to setting it up for the first time once we got to Gulf Shores, to getting mail (or not) and getting the snow shoveled from a distance. Jenny loves adventure, so any new thing that popped up was “just something to work through”. To me, the king of “he who dislikes change”, it was added stress (while on an extended vacation). My worst fears were never realized…we never had to revert to plan B or plan C or plan D to resolve a problem. In the end, the traveling went fine, we were welcomed with arms spread wide by seasoned snow birds, made new friends, and none of my fears came true (like the house burning down!).

As for the past few months, it has been a mostly good year. Being away reaffirmed that we are blessed with many good friends and family, the “will support you through thick and thin” kind. Besides work, we did some of our normal life things. For me, it was playing music and going to music festivals. For Jenny, it was hanging with her gal pals, riding their trusty bikes on extended (my view) rides of 40 – 60 miles. We also had a nice visit from Tom and Marcia, a couple we met in Gulf Shores.

I mentioned earlier that the year was mostly good, the “mostly” was side tracked by the phrase “breast cancer”. In the end, Jenny kicked its butt, but it reminded us that life is not something you can plan for, that the “golden years” are “right now”, not somewhere in the future. This was the time when we were able to lean on our families and friends….a blessing that cannot be measured.

So today we continue to pack and get ready to leave in a few days. We thank you for being part of our “adventure”.

Till we meet again, savor each moment, tell and hug the ones you love, and keep a song in your heart.