New Emotions

With any new adventure there are bound to be new experiences that happen that you didn’t expect. Most are good and create long term memories; some leave you in a melancholy mood. That was the case this past week; two situations provided a bit of reality.

About a week and a half ago, a camper across the road from us had a brain aneurysm. The prognosis did not look good. Yesterday Bill had to make the tough decision to remove Barb, at 68 years old, from life support. While we all know that death is our last act on earth, it still causes me to reflect, to take inventory of how I am living each day. Beyond our camper neighbor passing, I had an uncle pass and we have friends back home that have lost family members the past couple of months. What I take away from this is to tell those I love, that I “love them” and to continually chip away at (and add to) my bucket list.

The second event that pulled at us emotionally was the number of folks we’ve gotten to know who on March 1 headed for home or moved to another location. Right away I was reminded of the song with the line that said “got to say goodbye for the summer”, only this was more of “got to say goodbye for the spring, summer and fall”. The connections we have made with people makes coming here richer than just avoiding cold and snow. Also is the reality that some will not come back here next year or we may not be back next year. So saying good-bye may be more permanent than temporary.

On a positive note, spring is in the air; birds are singing, things are turning green. Thanks for reading our little blog and good luck with your bucket list.