Kurt and Max are Travelin’

Kurt and Max are Travelin’

One of my goals of our “snowbird experience” was to work on music. With what I perceived as having lots of unstructured time, I was planning on exploring some new styles, practicing what I haven’t mastered and write some new songs.  In each case I have come up a short. How our day disappears is somewhat mystical. Each day we try to get some extended exercise which is good for the waistline (I haven’t given up eating ice cream) and invariably, we get into conversations with folks in the park (visualize sitting on the porch in rocking chairs and sipping tea). I participate in a music jam on Friday nights and there is a couple in the park that I have played with in their RV, but all in all, I haven’t made the grade on my main goal. That said, I did write a new song, one that has no social redeeming value, no hidden message if played backwards, but it does speak to traveling in an RV with Kurt and Max, our two cats. I have attached a “very”, and I mean “very” rough recording of the song for listening. Hopefully it will give you a bit of the flavor of what Jenny and I have experienced. To listen, click on the title, “Kurt and Max are Travelin” and  when it links to SoundCloud press the start tab.   If I did it right, it should (fingers crossed) play.

Note from Jenny: I have found that this tune sticks in my head as an ear worm.